Agenda: Wed/Thu Oct 12/13, 2011

Quote of the Day: "Rome wasn't built in a day." (neither was the skill needed to write a great DBQ!) - Roman Proverb (and Mr. Duez)
Learning Targets:
* What is a DBQ?
* How do I WHAP the DBQ?
* Who are the Barbarians & what did the Romans think of them?

1. DO NOW: "What is your thesis for the Romans & Barbarians DBQ Question?" (5 minutes to think and write it)
2. Mr. Duez will explain the Rubric for grading a DBQ.
3. Students will work in groups to create a Modified DBQ Poster. They will:
1. Discuss the question and the documents in their group.
2. At the top of the poster, write out the Question ("Romans & Barbarians: How did the Romans view the Barbarians and did their opinion change over time?")
3. Cut out 8 documents (you may use some of the visual sources that I will provide as well). Group them into categories to help your thesis. (may use the same document in multiple groups)
4. Under or next to each of the groups - write an analysis of the group/documents.
5. Create a unified thesis statement that answers the question and is agreed upon by the poster group. Write that thesis at the bottom of the poster.
Use APPARTS where necessary to help. Remember that "Time" is an important factor.
We will post these inside and outside of the classroom today and tomorrow. Mr. Duez will take pictures of them and post those to the website to aid in prep for the written timed writing on Friday.

FRIDAY: Timed-writing DBQ in class on Friday.
MONDAY: Quiz for Chapter 8
Next Friday: TEST for Chapter 8