Agenda for Week of Monday, Feb 27 - Friday, March 2, 2012

Learning Targets for Chapter 21
Chapter 21—The Collapse and Recovery of Europe, 1914–1970s
Learning Targets:
•  To examine the history of Europe between 1914 and the 1970s as an organic whole made up of closely interconnected parts
•  To consider the repercussions of nationalism and colonialism in Europe and Japan
•  To increase student awareness of the effects of the two world wars
•  To help students imagine the appeal of totalitarian movements in the twentieth century

Monday, Feb. 27th, 2012
Quote of the Day:  "History is a myth that men agree to believe." - Napoleon
1. Quiz Chapter 21. Students can use the target sheet & any notes from their reading.
2. Notes, Video & Discussion: Introduction to Chapter 21 "World War I" Causes of WWI, Impact.
CH 21 Notes WWI Part I

Tuesday, Feb. 28th, 2012
Quote:  “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work learning from failure.” - General Colin Powell
1. DO NOW QUESTION (5 minutes to write): 
A. Could WWI have been prevented/avoided? 
B. "In what ways did World War I mark new departures in the history of the Twentieth Century?" 
2. Video Clip from The War of the World by Niall Ferguson. 
3. Notes, Video & Discussion: Outbreak and course of the War.  
CH 21 Notes WWI Part II

Wednesday & Thursday, Feb. 29th & March 1st, 2012
Quote: "It was a rum job going over the top, without any rum." - Harry Lamin on theWestern Front during Trench Warfare
1. DO NOW QUESTION: "What was the nature of trench warfare?" (5 minutes to write)
2. Notes, Video & Discussion: trench warfare simulation, the new weapons of war (zeppelin, planes, tanks, flame throwers, and poison gas) 
Finish Notes CH 21 Notes WWI Part II from Schlieffen Plan
CH 21 Notes WWI Part III
CH 21 Notes WWI Part IV
Also video clip from The Making of Modern Britain - The Great War

Friday, March 2nd, 2012
Quote of the Day:  "The war has ruined us for everything." Remarque, All Quiet on the Western Front 
**Shortened Period Due to Extended Advisory**
1. Notes, Video, & Discussion: Legacy of WWI, Failure of the Treaty & League of Nations. Global Economic Depression.
CH 21 Notes WWI Part V
CH 21 Notes The Great Depression
2. For Monday, write out your answer on a sheet of paper. Due at the beginning of the period.
 - How did these events influence each other: 
  • Military Tactics & Lessons of WWI
  • Failure of Treaty & Post-War Recovery
  • Global Economic Depression 
  • Rise of Dictators in Europe
  • Rise of Japan in Asia