Agenda: Week of Tuesday, Feb. 20 - Feb. 24, 2012

Learning Targets Chapter 19 
• To make students aware of the refocusing of racism in the nineteenth-century West
• To examine the effects of Western dominance on the empires of Asia
• To explore the reasons behind the collapse of the Chinese and Ottoman empires
• To investigate the reasons for Japan’s rise to its position as an industrial superpower and to compare Japan’s experience with that of China

Learning Targets Chapter 20
•  To examine the ways in which Europeans created their nineteenth-century empires
•  To consider the nineteenth-century development of racism as an outcrop of European feelings of superiority and to investigate the ways in which subject peoples were themselves affected by European racial categorization
•  To consider the extent to which the colonial experience transformed the lives of Asians and Africans
•  To define some of the distinctive qualities of modern European empires in relationship to earlier examples of empire

Monday, Feb. 20, 2012 - President's Day - No School For Students.
Presidents' Day, celebrated each year on the third Monday in February, is a day when Americans honor the legacies of the U.S. presidents. 
The holiday was established in 1800, when Congress declared February 22–George Washington's birthday–a federal holiday. 
Still legally known as Washington's Birthday, Presidents' Day has become a day to honor not only Washington, but Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. president who was born on February 12, and the lives and accomplishments of all U.S. presidents.
Quotes of the Day: 

“Blessed are the young, for they will inherit the national debt.” - Herbert Hoover
"You lose." - Calvin Coolidge, after a woman told him she made a bet that she could get at least three words of conversation from him
"Things are more like they are now than they ever were before." - Dwight D. Eisenhower
Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2012
Quote of the Day:  "Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence." - Abigail Adams, 1780
1. Quiz Chapter 20.
2. 15 minute presentation - Take Notes, ask questions, engage. Check website later for any shared knowledge.
3. 15 minute presentationTake Notes, ask questions, engage. Check website later for any shared knowledge.
We will do two student presentations today and finish the rest from Chapter 20 on block day. 
Wednesday and Thursday Feb. 22 and 23, 2012
Quote of the Day: "Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous." - Confucius, The Confucian Analects, Chinese philosopher & reformer (551 BC - 479 BC)
1. 15 minute presentations - Take Notes, ask questions, engage. Check website later for any shared knowledge.
We will finish the student presentations today. Any additional time will be spent reviewing for the test on Friday - Chapters 19 and 20. 
Friday, Feb. 24, 2012
Quote of the Day: "Learning is not compulsory... neither is survival." - W. Edwards Deming, US business adviser & author (1900 - 1993)
1. TEST Chapters 19 and 20.
Begin preparing for the Quiz on Chapter 21 for Monday. It's quite a chapter! We'll spend 2 weeks on it.