A Little Inspiration. Calvin & Churchill.

As I watched my classes write the Continuity and Change Over Time Essay this week (and then take a district mandated SEVENTY-FIVE QUESTION Mock EOC test)... this cartoon came to mind:
Certainly Calvin is no "exception" when it comes to students struggling to find their words on a history essay. However, I believe my students are well on the way to being ready for the test on May 16th! Keep writing and keep working. It will be worth it.

And remember, if Calvin could take AP World History - you can do it!

In the Inspirational tone and tenor (and Mr. Duez's tweaked words) and wisdom of Winston Churchill:
"In nothing great or small, large or petty... Never Give In.
Sir, I have my self full confidence, that if they do their duty...
They shall prove themselves able to defend their Eagle Home.
We will shall go on to the end...
We will keep fighting strong. We will fight on the multiple choices. We shall fight with growing strength and growing confidence in free response.
We shall never surrender!
 The Battle of Strayer is nearly complete. The Battle of The Small Gym awaits. If we fail the entire world will sink into the abyss of a new dark age... Let us brace ourselves so that years from today Eagles will say, "This was our finest hour."