CCOT Options for Timed Writing on Friday, Nov. 22nd

We will begin prepping for the CCOT Monday after the quiz, Tuesday, & Block day next week. On Friday Nov. 22nd, Mr. Duez will flip a coin and we'll decide on one of the two questions below for each class. You will not be able to use any notes on the timed writing. However you have all week to prepare your answers for these questions. This is a test grade. And it is a wonderful opportunity to improve your grade.

Good luck! Literally.
2 Questions, 2 Faces, 2 Sides to the Coin.
The question will focus on:

1. Analyze continuities and changes that resulted from the spread of Islam into ONE of the following regions in the period between circa 800 C.E. and circa 1750:   
      • West Africa • South Asia • Europe

2. Analyze continuities and changes in trade networks between Africa and Eurasia from circa 300 C.E. to 1450 C.E
Information to help you prepare:
  CCOT Fact Sheet
  How to write the CCOT
  Notes - CCOT Essay

YouTube: Notes Regarding How to Write the CCOT Essay
Notes - CCOT Essay