Chapter 14 & 15 TARGETS

Here is a link to download the targets for Chapter 14 "Empires & Encounters." This chapter will be paired with Chapter 15 "Global Commerce" for testing purposes. The quiz for Ch 14 is Friday, Jan. 11.  (The quiz for Ch 15 will be the next Monday)

Link to download the targets for Chapter 15 "World Commerce."

This chapter begins with European Empires in the Americas - The European Advantage, The Great Dying, and Columbian Exchange.

Then it will compare colonial societies in the Americas (Aztecs/Incas, colonies of sugar, settler colonies of North America).

The Russians enter the picture this chapter as we'll look at The Steppes & Sibera: The Making of the Russian Empire.

Finally, we'll discuss Asian Empires (China, Muslims/Hindus in Mughal Empire, and Muslims/Christians in the Ottoman Empire).

In class we'll begin our study of 14 and 15 with some videos from America Before Columbus, Part II (beginning at minute 48: America Before Columbus, link to video). We will also see video from Marr's The History of the World, Episode 4: Age of Plunder, link to info. And we'll see a little bit more of Engineering an Empire with Peter Weller: Russian Empire, link to full video.