Polar Vortex 2014 - "The Great Ice Storm"

Hope everyone is safe and sound. The "Great Ice Storm 2014" has come and gone. Seriously, my friends and family in PA think we are serious wimps down here. They had close to a foot of snow and didn't even delay the start of their school day. :) 

But, it made for a nice day for me. I had a chance to rest and get ready for my trip to Dallas to watch my beloved Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team. My wife and son are pretty excited. I don't get out much... so this should be interesting. Hopefully we'll all make it back in one piece and the Pens will have won yet another game. (they are having a great season, as you are probably well aware of <insert sarcasm here>)

So here's the new plan:
Monday - We will begin discussing and will show the History Channel Classic Documentary: "The French Revolution" 
You'll watch, answer some questions during the video - for a grade. And much of the film and information will be a part of our Chapter 17-18 test the following week. So buckle up. Guillotine time!

Tuesday - Quiz Chapter 17. 
I'm giving you an extra day to prepare because I can't be certain that everyone has what they need at home this weekend to get ready. You could have left your notes at school, thinking you could get them on Friday for the weekend. So better safe than sorry on my part. :) You are welcome.

Friday - FRQ Comparative Essay - due in class after having written it at home.
I have decided not to do the comparative essay in class as a timed-writing. We will have more opportunities for these (in fact the DBQ will be on the Fri Feb 7th).
You can choose any 1 of the 3 essay prompts that we have been working on in class. Write it at home. Due Friday in class. I will count these late per the school policy. So get them in on time. You are getting a full week extension on this. So I won't have much sympathy for them being late. 

Also, remember that you can turn in extra credit at any time. Progress Reports go out next week and they do the grade upload on Monday or Tuesday. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. And believe me, the French Revolution (and subsequent Haitian, Latin, and South American Revolutions, too!) are pretty wild. 

David Duez
DFTBA - "Don't Forget To Be Awesome"