Six Glasses Screen-cast Video - Intro & Beer in Ancient Mesopotamia & Egypt

Six Glasses Reading Guide - Questions to Consider
Section I Summaries:
For each of the six beverages, and for the epilogue, write a 1⁄2 page summary of the author’s main points. Explain when, where, why and how that beverage became important and what effect it had on world history. Give specific examples of how the beverage affected history.

Section II Reading Questions:
The questions provided for this book are meant to get you thinking about history. It isn’t merely enough to read about history; you must “do” history. Answer the questions completely on a separated paper. You do not have to rewrite the question but you must answer in complete sentences.

1. How is the discovery of beer linked to the growth of the first “civilizations”?
2. What does this history of beer in the ancient world tell us about the early civilizations?
3. What sources does the author use to gather his information on the use of beer?
4. What were some of the uses of beer by ancient cultures? Nourishment? Ritual? Religious?
5. How did beer “civilize” man, according to Standage?
6. What is the relationship between beer and writing, commerce, and health?




Video Lecture 2 - "Big History"

Continuing the Video Lecture series for the summer, this is following the WHAP - 1 Introduction video. This set of two videos is about the topic of "Big History" - which historians use to talk about the "History of Everything." Seems quite "BIG" - doesn't it? [Previous was connected to his lecture as well]

Link to the Google Docs Presentation for Big History

Direct link to YouTube and WHAP 2A Introduction to World History - Big History, Part I

Direct link to YouTube and WHAP 2B Introduction to World History - Big History, Part II

Link to the Google Docs Presentation for Big History

Big History: History of the World in Two Hours & History of Earth

From the Big Bang to Today: Just the Highlights, Please 
(link to article in New York Times that reviews the documentary)
“History of the World in Two Hours,” on History, skips minutiae like kings and battles to focus on bigger things, like the discovery of fire and the formation of the Earth and the Sun.

Earth: Making of a Planet

Imagine cameras have been around since the creation of Earth to record every major event.

Take a photographic journey thorough time from the violent birth of our planet four and a half billion years ago, through ice-ages, massive volcanic eruptions and the dinosaurs' reign to the first humans. For the first time, see the incredible story of our planet unfold in one single, seamless camera move.

Video Introduction: WHAP 1 Course Information

This is a video that may help you understand the nature of the course and how World History AP is organized.

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The next few videos will focus exclusively on the summer reading: A History of the World in Six Glasses.