WHAP 2012-2013 Course Information & Summer Reading

Our World History Textbook - Ways of the World 
by Robert W. Strayer About Robert W. Strayer - the author
Our students will be supplied with a book in the fall, but having a personal copy is not a bad idea.
On Amazon in paperback - $79.57 Both semesters with documents (the same book they will be issued in the fall)
On Amazon in paperback - $52 - but only 1st semester and without documents. 

"An incredible masterpiece — it delivers global history. It’s hard to believe one person wrote it. It just works." — Trevor Getz, San Francisco State University

Summer Reading - A History of the World in 6 Glasses 
by Tom Standage About Tom Standage - the author
The book is available at most bookstores, like Barnes & Noble. 
You can also purchase it online or in e-book form.
Link to purchase from Barnes & Noble.com website paper back $10.82
Link to purchase from Amazon.com paper back $10.82
Link to purchase from Google Books e-book price $8.52
Link to Apple iTunes Store for iBook Store on Apple Site

Our Facebook Group for help in reading and understanding Standage's book - 6 Glasses.

“Tom Standage’s bright idea really is bright: a book that divides world history into beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea and Coca-Cola Ages. His book is loaded with the kind of data that get talked about at the figurative water cooler… incisive, illuminating and swift.” – The New York Times

“The six glasses in the title allow Standage to tell a zippy narrative around the sequential appearance of various beverages… Vivid and accessible… Many of these stories have been told before… but not with Standage’s populist panache.” –The New Yorker

“Tom Standage’s highly enjoyable chronicle of six beverages that have shaped human destiny is as refreshing as a cool glass of beer on a hot day and as stimulating as that first cup of coffee in the morning… there aren’t many books this entertaining that also provide a cogent crash course in ancient, classical and modern history. In breezy but unfailingly intelligent prose, ‘A History of the World in 6 Glasses’ links each drink to a major social or technological development. Throughout, the author underpins provocative cultural commentary with solid economic and political information.” – The Los Angeles Times

“The book boils through history, effervescing a discipline that some find dry; it spikes the juice of scholarship. (And the epilogue may put you off drinking bottled water ever again!)” – The Washington Times

“A clever, tight retelling of human history as it refracts through six beverages… Standage’s writing flows like water: crisp, clear and deceptively simple. Foodies and readers fond of quirky cultural histories will enjoy this book.” – The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Ingenious… Other historians have applied a similar approach to the history of staples like sugar and salt, but Standage’s use of different drinks is all his own, and he combines a lively writing style with a wonderful collection of anecdotes. His book sparkles like champagne.” – The Montreal Gazette

“Spirited arguments — mixed with more than a splash of historical evidence — present a cogent case for how civilization has evolved through millennia of sippage… Standage stirs up a fun and engaging romp without spilling a drop.” – Wired

“An easy and agreeable read, never seeming discursive or unwieldy, despite the vast amount of ground it covers. I’ll happily raise my glass to that.” – New York Newsday

Frequently asked questions for the author - Tom Standage.

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