Houston Rockets & Devon Energy Teacher of the Game Award

I wanted to sent out a special thank you to my wonderful AHS staff members who nominated me for the Rockets Teacher of the Game Award. You can read their nomination letter hereTheir words are very special to me. I can't imagine anyone writing anything about me that would be written any better. It is amazing. Winning the award was a nice thing, but to me reading that nomination letter was winning enough. 

Thank you to my Blue 2 Principal Jonathan Campbell. You are an amazing friend and leader. Thanks to my English-teaching neighbor Jill Davison, who I can never seem to thank enough. You are AWESOME. 

Thank you to John Gillespie - my WHAP Partner in crime. I am very lucky to have worked with you this year. I hope we continue to do so for a long time. 

And also special thanks to Matthew D. Webb - you are also a great friend, mentor, and a wonderful leader of our social studies team. 

I am a lucky guy to work with such an incredible faculty and staff at Atascocita High. We have such incredible and hard working students. Some days I can barely get out of bed in the morning. But, knowing that my students need me gives me motivation to summon the energy to face each day. 

Of course, I'd be stupid not to mention the #1 MOST important person that I work with... and share my life with: Norma Duez. I could not do it without her. Thank you honey. And thanks for coming with me to the game. I needed you... like always.

Some neat goodies.
Mrs. Duez and I kept wondering where the ice was? No fights either. And the Rockets really need to step it up on the Power Play. :)