Test Prep for Friday

Here are a few items to help you prep for the test Friday.
Chapter 21 Targets
CH 21 Notes WWI Part I
CH 21 Notes WWI Part II 
CH 21 Notes WWI Part III
CH 21 Notes WWI Part IV 
CH 21 Notes Great Depression and Rise of Dictators

Understanding Documents at the end of Chapter 21 (covered on Tuesday in class).

Videos for Chapter 21 (covered on Block Day this week).
1st Video:
Video Questions for Guernica & Leni Riefensthal StorySimon Schama's Power of Art: "Guernica" Born in Malaga, Spain, Picasso's many styles and prolific work rate have marked him out as one of the most recognised artists of the twentieth century. Not limited to one medium he created sculptures, etchings and prints. His artistic career only began to boom once he moved to Paris in the early 1900s. His Blue Period, reflecting the colour and his mood at the time was followed by his Rose Period, work inspired by primitive art and then Cubism, which shocked the critics, but ultimately made his name.  Guernica (1937) was created during Picasso's Surrealist period and captures the horror of the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. By the end of World War II, Picasso had become an internationally known artist and celebrity. Schama's Guernica Site on BBC.
2nd Video:
Leni Riefenstahl Story A German film director, actress and dancer widely noted for her aesthetics and innovations as a filmmaker. Her most famous film was Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will), a propaganda film made at the 1934 Nuremberg congress of the Nazi Party. Riefenstahl's prominence in the Third Reich along with her personal friendship with Adolf Hitler thwarted her film career following Germany's defeat in World War II, after which she was arrested but released without any charges.

Video Clips to help understand the reactions to global economic collapse in US, Germany, Italy, and Japan
Understanding How WWI Ends and the immediate failure of the treaty & harsh treatment towards Germany

The Making of Modern Britain - The Great War  
The War of the World, Part I by Niall Ferguson
The War of the World, Episode II by Nial Ferguson

Horrible Histories: Frightful First World War - Causes
Horrible Histories: Frightful First World War - Where are the British Forces?
Horrible Histories: Frightful First World War - Trenches
Horrible Histories: Frightful First World War - Wee Wee

The First World War - A Call to Arms
The First World War - Under the Eagle
The First World War - Global War
The First World War - Jihad
The First World War - Shackled to a Corpse
The First World War - Breaking the Deadlock
The First World War - Blockade
The First World War - Revolution 1917
The First World War - Germany's Last Gamble
The First World War - War Without End

Schlieffen Plan - Counter-Factual History I
Schlieffen Plan - Counter-Factual History II
Schlieffen Plan - Counter-Factual History III

Qui did a fantastic job with his answer to the question from Friday. As I said in class yesterday, I believe it also goes a long way towards answering the 5 margin questions we wrote down as "Do Now" yesterday. Great job Qui!