Agenda: Wed/Thu Oct. 6/7, 2011

Quote of the Day: "Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends." - Shirley MacLaine

Learning Targets:
      •  To make students aware of classical civilizations that evolved outside of the more well-known civilizations of Eurasia
      •  To explore the development of civilizations in Africa and the Americas
      •  To consider the factors that make civilizations develop in some regions but not in others
      •  To raise the possibility of complex civilizations without any recognizable centralized control

1. DO NOW: Discuss the second big picture question of the chapter. (5 min. to read the prompt and analyze quietly at the bell, 10 min. to discuss as a class)
Chapter 7 – Classical Era Variations - Big Picture Question #2
“The particular cultures and societies of Africa and of the Americas discussed in this chapter developed largely in isolation from one another.” 
What evidence would support this statement, and what might challenge it?

2. Document Study. (40 min. total) We'll do a quick rotation in groups through 3 documents from Chapter 7. If you are absent from class on the block day, I would be sure you familiarize yourself with these documents for Friday's test. The documents to know are:
(The Periplus of the Erythrean Sea - already covered in class on Monday)

I. Document 7.2 Making of an Axumite Empire "Inscription on a Stone Throne" p. 309
II. Visual Source 7.1 Shield Jaguar & Lady Xok: A Royal Couple of Yaxchilan (Maya) p. 316-317
III. Visual Source 7.4 The Ball Game p. 321
We will rotate through each document with 10 minutes to read and discuss in your group for each doc. Then we'll take 10 quick minutes to review them all with the whole class together.

3. Jared Diamond Returns! Video Clip from Guns, Germs and Steel - Bantu Peoples (15 minutes). 

4. Discuss the third big picture question of the chapter (15 min).
Chapter 7 – Classical Era Variations - Big Picture Question #2

What generated change in the histories of Africa and the Americas during the classical era?

5. Video - Engineering an Empire Maya and Teotihuacán (Beginning of Engineering an Empire Aztecs) - see clips below- (for remainder of the period, probably 20 min)

"Hello. I'm Peter Weller."
For the TEST on Friday, students will answer one of the 3 big picture questions for this chapter. They must bring the essay into class to be turned in before the test. Students may do the other two essays for extra credit on the test. 

Check out Engineering an Empire Maya & Teohuacan below the link: