Chavín de Huántar Video Clip

Chavín de Huántar, dating back to 1500 BC, was a center for ritual and pilgrimage with extensive trade and communication contacts that exerted control through non-violent means, but today the site is threatened by poor drainage, structural instability, inadequate site maintenance and endemic poverty.  Global Heritage Fund's (GHF) goals at the site are to support Master Planning, conservation of the most critically endangered structures above- and below ground and increase opportunities for the local community.  Partners on this project include Stanford University, Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INC), the town of Chavín de Huántar and Asociacion Ancash.

Great video clip (3:46) that shows what the Chavin cult location in Peru is like today. Fascinating how people are working so hard to try to keep it from degrading. We probably won't have time to watch this in class so I wanted to be sure you had a chance to check it out here. It is definitely worth the few minutes to try to understand this very unique and quite unknown ancient people. (click the picture below to open the video clip)