Sunday May 10, 1992

First of all, take care of your Mom this weekend. Mother's Day is Sunday. If you can't afford anything, make her breakfast in bed, or lunch or dinner... or all 3! Ask her if there is anything you can do for her (and mean it). And put down the history books for a few hours and spend some time with her. (Unless part of what she wants is to be given some alone time!)

The picture below is from the day I graduated from college. It was May 10, 1992. The day was Mother's Day. I can think of no better Mother's Day gift for a mom than seeing her son graduate from college.
Juniata College, 1992. Secondary Education, History, and Political Science POE (Program of Emphasis). Although in all honesty, I had quite a lot of emphasis on football & baseball as well. :)
Can you imagine what your picture is going to look like when you graduate from college?

The interesting thing is that in the background is the Sports and Rec Center (gym, locker rooms, workout facilities, coaching offices). I spent quite a lot of time there! The building behind it is the Student Center where the Baker Refectory is (the cafeteria), our student organization offices, college radio station, mailboxes and loads of other student stuff. Behind that is a mountain. :) I lived my senior year in a suite that sat right at the base of that mountain.

And the really crazy thing? Notice the Japanese Flag sitting there on the right? We had a bunch of international flags situated around the commons where we graduated. It just so happened that the Japanese one made this picture. I had not yet started to date Mrs. Duez. We knew each other pretty well and I would start calling and dating her the following month. I guess the camera just knew that someone with Japanese ancestry would be in my future?