CH 6 Social Inequalities In Class Project IDEAS

This is an example for you as you work to prepare your in-class project on Chapter 6 - Social Inequalities.
Last year a group did a skit (different chapter) but it was very well done. You might not understand all the parts, we aren't quite at Chapter 19 yet. 

Below this video (click 'to read the rest' link) and I have many videos linked that could give you a deeper understanding of each of the groups. Social Inequalities is the focus. Be looking to mention:
Slavery (helots, Spartacus, Difference between Greco-Roman & Asian Empires)
Patriarchy (Aspasia & Pericles, Empress Wu, Role of women each empire)
Class System (3 obedience, scholar-gentry)
Caste System (caste as varna and jati, "ritual purity" in Indian society
Work in key terms from the target sheet.
Remember that Mr. Duez has Notes on presentations already from this chapter to reference.
Get every team/group member involved.
Be creative,  have fun. It's only 5 to 10 minutes of time. 

IN CLASS PROJECT: LINK TO Project Description Here.

Rome (HBO) - Slavery in Rome
Engineering an Empire: Rome 
The Roman Military Machine 
The Romans (Documents life in the Legion) 
Horrible Histories: Rotten Romans, Decimation 
Rome - Women in Rome (HBO) 


Ancient Worlds: The Spartans
Horrible Histories: Spartan Teacher Conference
Horrible Histories: Historical Head Teachers (Sparta)
Horrible Histories: Thermopylae

Comparing Athens/Sparta: 
Horrible Histories: Wife Swap
Ancient Worlds: The Greek Thing
What the Ancient Greeks Did for Us


Athens: The Dawn of Democracy
Engineering an Empire: Greece, part IV Golden Age of Pericles
Engineering an Empire: Greece, Part V Architecture of Athens & Attack of Sparta & Disease - Parthenon

Athens: Ancient Greek Super City
Luxury in Ancient Greece


Engineering an Empire: China
Crash Course WH: 2,000 Years of Chinese History
Discovering China: The Han Dynasty - China's First Golden Age
Discovering China: Confucius
China: The Mandate of Heaven


India's Caste System
How We Know Caste
Crash Course WH: Buddha & Ashoka
India: The Empire of the Spirit
What Ancient India Did for Us