2012-2013 WHAP T-Shirts

We have gathered a lot of ideas for T-Shirts. I worked on this for awhile this afternoon.

The basic idea boils down to a name tag on the front that features Peter Weller's signature. Then Alvin created a fantastic drawing of the man himself. The back portion says, "HI PETER!" right back to him, like we do in class during Engineering an Empire. During each episode, Peter would introduce himself during the first moments he is on screen, "Hello... I'm Peter Weller." The hashtags go with a number of things that came up during discussion during the year and were suggested by many students. We can always add to these, the costs jumps when you add color ink. So I have stuck to the basic white color and used an outline around "HI PETER!" and "World History Advanced Placement" & "2012-2013" to make them stand out. There isn't a color filled in - this cuts down on cost and uses the color of the t-shirt to highlight it.

For these shirts the costs break down like this:
  • $14.00 - for 50 shirts
  • $16.00 - for 30 shirts
  • $18.00 - for 20 shirts
Basically a rough estimate. Obviously if you get more ordered of different sizes it can change. As I have mentioned, it would be fantastic to have students & parents organize this and collect money, etc. It's a difficult thing for me to do.

So I guess the ball is in your court. Any other ideas? Shoot me an email: david.duez@humble.k12.tx.us

Here is the design with different color schemes:
Alvin's awesome design: