AHS Tour of Mr. Duez's Room

Trying something new this year.
Thought this might be nice for parents. Or for students to show someone what our room looks like. :)
The view out of our back window in 1207.
The view just inside the door in the front of the classroom looking towards the assignment board.
See a slideshow of images, including the 360 degree shots from below at this link:
Mr. Duez's Classroom Slideshow Tour Extravaganza 2014

View of Mr. Duez's room from the podium at the front:

View more 360 viewpoints below:
Just outside Mr. Duez's room is the Red 2 "Flex Area"

View from the Front:

View from the Middle of Mr. Duez's Classroom:

View from Mr. Duez's Desk:

From the Side Board:

View from the back window: