Inspiration from former student...

BTW- Mr. Duez used to work in that green building in the middle. Yep, 67th floor!
Every once in a while I will post some things about former students. I received a really encouraging message today from a former student and wanted to share it with you. She was a student of mine during the first WHAP class in 2011-2012. In fact, she was the student of the year in AP World History, first one ever at AHS. Then she took AP Psychology the next spring as a junior. She was accepted with honors to the University of Houston. Here's her message:
Mr. Duez:  
I really love it here. I'm living on-campus which honestly really helps because traffic is horrible in the mornings. I made into the Honors College, so the classes are extra small, and I love that. We can be up to only 16 people max. But that doesn't include lectures, of course. The food is pretty good, but after eating it everyday it's really easy to get tired of it. Professors are strict but they really are amazing, not all of them though, some are really hard to please. Hopefully with all the AP Credit I have I'll be able to graduate in 3 years instead of 4. 
Thank you Mr.Duez, I really enjoyed my time at Atascocita, your class was definitely my favorite, WHAP and AP Psychology.  
How is your family doing (including your beloved dog)? 
Your Former Student
It was awesome to hear from her. Such a great choice to attend U of H on campus. The commute, as I told her, is like driving in to work each day. It can be difficult. We have tough weather, the rush hour traffic can be very hard. The wear and tear on your car, the gas $, the potential for car accidents... all tough. When you live on campus you are much more connected to the school and all that happens there.

It is also incredible to hear that her college credits will help her graduate early. She was not the most fortunate student I have had. She had to work hard for everything she has earned. I am so proud of her and I know many of you will be following in her footsteps. If not to U of H, certainly to the school of your dreams. I am here to tell you that the hard work makes a difference. Keep it up!