WHAP MOCK Practice Test - Small Gym 2015

We did a full mock/practice AP World History test yesterday in the small gym. Packed with 200+ kids, it was quite a thing to see. It definitely reminded me of the Chinese Civil Service Exams. :)

The scores on the multiple choice portion were excellent! A high of 96! And the average score was up 15% compared to the first practice test. Fantastic job everyone! I am very proud of the effort.

REMEMBER: Don't quit. Don't put your head down. Keep trying. Not only for you, but for all of the classmates in the room that might fall victim to social pressure. Apathy, stress, and doubt can spread like a virus. One kid has their head down, another, and then another... soon the idea spreads (silent but deadly) through the room that "This test is too hard!" Don't believe it. Keep fighting.

Remember 3 extra FRQ points will equal a total of 8 Multiple Choice questions! Every one counts.

And yesterday all of you kept working (or at least looked like you were, which is important - remember). I could not be more proud of the effort. Thank you!
200+ strong!
From any angle - this was impressive.
70 M/Choice questions: 55 min. + 10 Min break. + 3 FRQ essays in 2 hours = success!
There was a lot of "Werk" done yesterday. We are a week away! And just about ready to do it.
Visualize success.
Very, very proud of the effort. It went w/o a hitch.