Drop Period: 1st Level Drop Period Deadline is 3 pm on Monday, Sept 21st.

Or going
Go? Stay? Trouble? Or Double?
The time has come to think about the question made famous by the 1982 song by The Kinks, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

If you have any questions, please do let me know. :) 

1. Level drops will ONLY be allowed at:
3-week mark,
6-week mark,
And at semester

NO changes will be made at other times during the year.
2. The first level drop deadline is Monday, September 21
Students must submit forms to their House Counselor no later than 3:00 pm on Monday, September 21 for the requested change to be made.

3. The level drop process begins with the teacher
Students must get a form from the teacher.
Skateboarding prof.: PhD in Righteousness

4. When a student requests a level drop form, parent contact will be necessary before the form can be handed out to the student.
There will be a discussion of their student's request and/or progress in the class.

5. Students can request a form at any time and may turn it into their counselor any time beginning the first day of school. However, schedule changes will not be made until September 21.

The only level drops that will be considered are those from a 5.0 class to a 4.0 class.
For example, Physics to POP is NOT considered a level drop.

AP World History to an on-level World History class is most commonly done.