Six weeks Drops and last until Semester

Yesterday was the deadline for 3-week level drop forms. Any forms turned in today will be accepted, but no changes will be made until the week of October 3.

Level drop procedures are listed below:

1. Level drops will ONLY be allowed at the 3-week mark, the 6-week mark, and at semester. NO changes will be made at other times during the year.

2. The 6-week level drop deadline is Friday, October 7. Students must submit forms to their House Counselor no later than 3:00 pm on Friday, October 7 for the requested change to be made. Communicate this clearly to all students and parents.

3. The level drop process begins with the teacher. Do not tell students to ask their counselor for a level drop form. They must get one from you.

4. Parent - Teacher contact must be made to discuss the change in level before a drop form will be given to a student.

Counselors will begin making 6-week level drop changes on October 3. 

All changes will be made by the end of the school day on October 11. 

You should not see any level changes between September 22 & October 3, & you should not see any changes after October 11.