Agenda: Week of Sept 25-29, 2017

Advanced Placement World History with Mr. Duez
Unit 1 - First Humans, Farmers, & Civilizations
& Unit 2 - Eurasian Empires, 500 BCE - 500 CE
MON: Reading Check Quiz Chapter 3; Review Quiz
TUE: Unit 1 - Reviewing the big picture; How to Ace the SAQ
WED/THU: TEST UNIT 1 - Chapters 1, 2, and 3; Plus: FRQ - A History of the World in Six Glasses
FRI: How to write the FRQ - The Comparative Essay; Friday Sept. 23rd: Unit 1 LEQ Timed Writing

WED this week: TEST OVER Unit 1 - CH 1, 2, 3  Unit 1 TAB
WED FRQ - A History of the World in Six Glasses - LEQ TAB
Monday, Sept. 25th: Quiz over Chapter 4 Unit 2 Tab & Ch 4

Learning Targets:
★To establish the relationship between the First Civilizations and the Agricultural Revolution
★To contrast civilizations with other forms of human communities
★To explore when, where, and how the First Civilizations arose in human history
★To explore how the emergence of civilizations transformed how humans lived and how their societies were structured
★To show the various ways in which civilizations differed from one another
★To explore the outcomes of the emergence of civilizations, both positive and negative, for humankind

Essential Questions:

1. What distinguished civilizations from other forms of human community?
2. How does the use of the term “civilization” by historians differ from that of popular usage? How do you use the term?
3. “Civilizations were held together largely by force.” Do you agree with this assessment, or were there other mechanisms of integration as well? 
4. In the development of the First Civilizations, what was gained for humankind, and what was lost?
First test is Wednesday, thanks Harvey!
Monday, Sept 25, 2017
Quote"The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work." - Harry Golden


1. DO NOW: Prep for the reading check quiz over Chapter 3. You can use your handwritten notes.

2. READING CHECK QUIZ - Chapter 3 - First Civilizations

3. Review the quiz


WED this week: TEST OVER Unit 1 - CH 1, 2, 3 
WED FRQ - A History of the World in Six Glasses
Monday, Sept. 25th: Quiz over Chapter 4
Be careful. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work.
Tuesday, Sept 26, 2017
Quote"You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from." - Cormac Mccarthy

1. DO NOW: In what ways did Egypt and Mesopotamia differ from one another? (Also: How were the Indian and Chinese river valley civilizations similar/different?)

2. Notes, Video, & Discussion: River Valley Civilizations - Reviewed

3. Test Prep: Multiple Choice Questions - Best Practices.

WED this week: TEST OVER Unit 1 - CH 1, 2, 3 
WED FRQ - A History of the World in Six Glasses
Monday, Sept. 25th: Quiz over Chapter 4
Eurasian Empires is the topic of Chapter 4. "Use the force, young padawans."
Wednesday, Sept 27, 2017
Quote"It's hard to detect good luck - it looks so much like something you've earned." - Frank A. Clark

1. DO NOW: Prep for Unit 1 TEST & LEQ over Six Glasses
2. TEST UNIT 1: Chapters 1, 2, 3 of Strayer
40 M/Ch Questions - need a pencil 

3. LEQ over Six Glasses
Need a black pen and paper

Monday, Sept. 25th: Quiz over Chapter 4
"Occupy Dock Bay" - The Storm troopers unionize. There goes the empire!
Friday, Sept 29, 2017
Quote: "Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Learning Targets:
★ Define the characteristics of imperial systems in the classical era and analyze why empires developed in some regions but not in others.
★ Compare the important similarities and differences between imperial systems and the reasons behind them
★ Explain the significance that classical empires have for us today, such as, representative government, military power, etc.
★ Evaluate the “greatness” of the Roman Empire and China’s Han Dynasty and determine if their destructive and oppressive features outweighed their impressive advances.

Essential Questions:
1. What common features can you identify in the empires described in this chapter?
2. In what ways did these empires differ from one another? What accounts for those differences?
3. Are you more impressed with the “greatness” of empires or with their destructive and oppressive features? Why? 
4. Do you think that the classical empires hold “lessons” for the present, or are contemporary circumstances sufficiently unique as to render the distant past irrelevant?


1. DO NOWCompare the Athenian & Persian Empires according to political, social, and economic factors.

2. Notes, Video, & Discussion: Introduction to Unit 4

3. Extra Credit: How it works. Use the Extra Credit tab above to get all the info you need. 

Monday, Sept. 25th: Quiz over Chapter 4