First Day Procedures - Welcome Back


1.      Upon arriving to school, students will find their names on a list posted by grade levels on Main Street.  This list will have the correct advisory room assignments listed next to the students’ names. All students need to check this list as advisory assignments may have changed since Flight School.  Click on 1st day/1st  week of school bell schedule to review bell schedule for the week.
2.      Students will report to advisory at 7:25.
3.      In advisory students will receive their official schedule on yellow paper.  Schedules from Flight School are no longer valid.  Counselors have been leveling classes; therefore, many schedules have changed.
4.      Students arriving at school AFTER advisory need to report to the CAFETERIA for their official schedule. 

During the first week of school counselors will be available between classes and to answer questions.  Students may also sign up with their house secretary to schedule an appointment.
Students who wish to request a change in course level may do so at (1) the end of the third week of school, September 9  (2) at the end of the first six weeks, September 30, or (3) at the end of the first semester, December 16.
No CATE classes on the first day of school.  Students enrolled in a CATE class will report to the cafeteria
during their CATE class period(s).  Students will start their CATE classes on the second day of school.  Buses will pick up students in the back of the cafeteria.