CH 22 Video Study

Since we are in the last unit and more of a modern world discussion, there is some GREAT video for this chapter. We will see some of it, but not all of it in class. I highly recommend watching each of these. The War of the World - Episode 5 will be watched in class with questions due. I will collect those. So be sure to make it up if you are not in class. I post it here first for your ease (you are welcome). 
1. Ferguson's War of the World - Episode 5: Icebox(45 min.)
Who won the Cold War? 
Nuclear powered peace came frighteningly close to destruction. 

Also, was there really a World War III? Or a Third World's War?
Students will answer these questions during the video.

2. The fascinating story of Sidney Rittenberg. The American who became a part of Chinese Revolutionary history. 
Very short trailer for the documentary movie: The Revolutionary.
9:00 story from BBC Story about Rittenberg's fascinating life: Sidney Rittenberg True Chinese Insider.

3. Clip from Ferguson's War of the World - Episode 2 
Only need to watch: 5:34 to 16:20 (10 minutes)
Russia's "Planned Economy" wasn't exactly what it seemed. Racial persecution was disguised as "class warfare." Stalin regarded certain ethnic groups as 'unreliable' and he had them deported, sent to work camps, or executed. 200,000 Koreans were 'removed' - just a small slice of the vast program of deportation. Early on after WWI it seemed in reality that Germany and Russia were really just two halves of a whole similar in theory on an outward appearance of "socialist theory" and an inward racially charged dictatorship.
4. The Tank Man: PBS Documentary that you can watch the entire documentary from the program Frontline on their website for free through streaming it. On June 5, 1989, one day after the Chinese army's deadly crushing of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing, a single, unarmed young man stood his ground before a column of tanks on the Avenue of Eternal Peace. Captured on film and video by Western journalists, this extraordinary confrontation became an icon of the struggle for freedom around the world.