OK, I know I sent an email out earlier with this explanation, but I wanted to be clear about t-shirts. This post should give everyone a great opportunity to order if they would like. I understand if you aren't up for it or can't lay down the $ for one.

Part of the fun of celebrating the accomplishment of completing an AP course and preparing so hard for the AP Exam is purchasing a T-Shirt to wear with some pride. I came up with these designs and hope you enjoy them.

Obviously, you guys can always come up with something on your own. I encourage it. The site I used to design and order them is fully customization. So there is an endless amount of things you could create.

They have free shipping through Thursday (check the top banner for details). And through this week they have a 15% discount on purchases with the mother's day code (also on the site).

Here is "Tank Man."
To order this t-shirt, click here

And "Chairman Meow":
To order this t-shirt, click here