Alumni Focus: Bike MS - Valero 2012 Alamo Ride to the River

This week's inspiration is a personal one because it has inspired me! 

I have two former students Celeste Garza and Kandice Melchor who road this weekend in the Bike MS: Valero 2012 Alamo Ride to the River. The ride is very much like the MS 150 that goes from Houston to Austin

Celeste and Kandice met with me this summer and explained that they wanted to ride in my name for Bike MS. They were inspired to do something positive (and get in great shape at the same time!). At the time I was having a pretty great summer and feeling well. But, this weekend has probably been the hardest I have had since sometime early last spring. My MS has been really raging and spiking on me. 

Seeing the news that they had both finished today really picked up my spirits! They are awesome.