I voted. I get to complain. :)

I voted today. :)
Well, I voted today. It worked out great to not early vote. My wife and I tried a couple of times, but the lines were way too long. I can't stand in line that long and wait to vote. So we said, "let's just try it on election day."

To me, voting is something that human beings have earned over our time on this planet. If you choose not to do so... you are also giving up your rights as a global citizen. Not a very good idea, IIMHO.

So, for the next four years, I have the right to complain. If you don't vote, if you didn't use your voice on election day... you have no right to voice it when your government isn't working out like you wish. People get the government that they vote for - collectively our government is a reflection of us. So when you are disillusioned about Houston City Hall, Austin, or Washington DC -> that is a direct reflection on us as a nation. If you don't like it... fix it. Step #1 - vote.