Chapter 19 & 20 - 2013 - Student Presentations

I will keep adding to these as I upload them. We had some pretty good presentations. You could use them to review for the test on Friday. Just remember, the information may not be 100% perfect. This is student generated content. So read with caution and compare to what we have learned and in class from Strayer.

India   India

China  China  China

Japan  Japan

Europe  Europe  Europe

Ottoman Empire  Ottoman Empire

European Colonization - A video skit by 6th period.

Also here is the power point presentation at this link: Japan Jeopardy

Simon Schama's A History of Britain - Episode 14 - Empire of Good Intentions

The British Empire in the 19th century was the largest the world had ever seen, and one of the most idealistic. Simon Schama reveals how, disastrously, the liberal politics and free-market economics that drove it unraveled  resulting in the Irish Potato Famine, and mutiny in India. By the early 20th century, nationalist movements around the globe had turned their back on the British 'workshop of the world'.

Andrew Marr's "The Making of Modern Britain" - Episode 1 The Dawn of a New Era

In the first of a six-part series, Andrew Marr revisits Britain at the dawn of the 20th century. He finds the country mourning the death of Queen Victoria; fighting an intractable war against the Boers in South Africa; enjoying the bawdy pleasures of music hall; and worrying about the physical and moral strength of the working class.