The T-Shirts Look Awesome!

My son Aidan has one, too!
Now Aidan is going to have to take WHAP.
The T-Shirts are a tribute to the great Peter Weller. He is the host of the History Channel documentaries - Engineering an Empire. Always enthusiastic, bold, confident (ok, cocky), Peter Weller is a history buff.  In 2004, Weller completed a Master's degree in Roman and Renaissance Art at Syracuse University (in Florence, Italy) and occasionally taught courses in ancient history at the university. In 2007, Weller began a Ph.D. at UCLA, in Italian Renaissance art history. He expects to complete his dissertation in 2013.
The basic idea boils down to a name tag on the front that features Peter Weller's actual signature. Then Alvin created a fantastic drawing of the man himself. The back portion says, "HI PETER!" right back to him, like we do in class during Engineering an Empire. During each episode, Peter would introduce himself during the first moments he is on screen, "Hello... I'm Peter Weller." Then the class would immediately respond, "HI PETER!" Hence, the back of the shirt!  The hash-tags go with a number of things that came up during discussion this year and were suggested by many students. 

#WHAP = World History Advanced Placement
#TeamPassThatTest = well, we work together to get ready for and pass the AP Test
#TheDarkAges = It was a time period (disputed though) in real history, and metaphorically each student passes through their own dark ages and hopefully becomes enlightened!
#StrayerSunday = Why this is the hash-tag of choice for the procrastinating student as they cram on Sunday to prepare for the open notes quiz over the next chapter on Monday. "Strayer" is the author of our text book - The Ways of the World.
#VanDownByTheRiver = What Mr. Duez says (too often) about losing his job, insurance, marriage, and family. Then having to resort to living in a Van Down By the River. Which may just happen someday!
The shirts look fantastic!
Great job 3rd Period. They led the charge on creating the t-shirt.
It even looks good on Mr. Duez. (not that it is an upset or anything... c'mon.)
Sixth period... lookin' good!