Agenda: Week of March 3 - March 7, 2014

Advanced Placement World History with Mr. Duez
Unit 6: Most Recent Century, 1900 - 2013
Chapter 21: Collapse & Recovery of Europe, 1914 - 1979
Part I: pg. 977-996; First World War; 
Great Depression; Rise of Authoritarian Rule
MON - End of WWI; Versailles Treaty; League of Nations; 
TUE - Great Depression - Global Impact; The Failure of Democracy & Capitalism
WED/THU - Reactions to Economic Downturn; Schama's Power of Art: Guernica
FRI -  TEST - CH 21 - PART I - World War I, Great Depression, Rise of Authoritarian Dictators - Part I: pg. 977-996
Bank notes lost so much value that they were used as wallpaper and as kindling for fires.
Learning Targets:
 •  To examine the history of Europe between 1914 and the 1970s as an organic whole made up of closely interconnected parts
 •  To consider the repercussions of nationalism and colonialism in Europe and Japan
 •  To increase student awareness of the effects of the two world wars
 •  To help students imagine the appeal of totalitarian movements in the twentieth century 

Essential Questions:

      1.   What explains the disasters that befell Europe in the first half of the twentieth century?
      2.   In what ways were the world wars a motor for change in the history of the twentieth century?
      3.   To what extent were the two world wars distinct and different conflicts, and in what ways were they related to each other? In particular, how did the First World War and its aftermath lay the foundations for World War II?
      4.   In what ways did Europe’s internal conflicts between 1914 and 1945 have global implications?
      5.   What aspects of Europe’s nineteenth-century history contributed to the First World War?
      6.   In what ways did World War I mark new departures in the history of the twentieth century?
      7.   In what ways was the Great Depression a global phenomenon?
      8.   In what ways did fascism challenge the ideas and practices of European liberalism and democracy?
      9.   What was distinctive about the German expression of fascism? What was the basis of popular support for the Nazis?
      10.   How did Japan’s experience during the 1920s and 1930s resemble that of Germany, and how did it differ?
      11.   In what way were the origins of World War II in Asia and in Europe similar to each other? How were they different?
      12.   How did World War II differ from World War I?
      13.   How was Europe able to recover from the devastation of war?
My son was so 'depressed' by the Dust Bowl' (pic photoshopped by former student of mine Nick Walker!)
Monday, March 3, 2014
Quote: "The only thing we have to fear is... fear itself." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 1933, Inauguration

1. DO NOW QUESTION: In what ways did the peace agreements of WWI fail?
2. Notes, Video, & Discussion: How did the First World War and its aftermath lay the foundations for World War II?
Why did the Germans give Hitler so much power?
Tuesday, March 4, 2014
Quote: "Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart." - Victor Hugo

1. DO NOW QUESTION:  In what ways was the Great Depression a global phenomenon?
2. Notes, Video, & Discussion: Global Economic Downturn & Failure of Democracy & Capitalism.
3. The Great Depression. Understanding Capitalism & Socialism. 
Crash Course WH: Capitalism & Socialism
A major power rises in Asia: Imperialist Japan. 
Wednesday, March 5, 2014 & Thursday, March 6, 2014
Quote: "Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's Party!'" - Robin Williams

1. DO NOW QUESTION: How did the following nations respond to the challenges of a global economic downturn? US - Japan - Russia - UK - France - Germany - Italy 
2. Video Documentary: Pablo Picasso's Guernica - The Power of Art (Simon Schama)
Link to the Video Viewing Guide & Questions for Focus
The video link above is one that I have edited down to 38 minutes from the 60 minute original. I have removed much of the non-Guernica content that deals with Picasso's private life. However, a quick search on the web and you'll find the entire full version if you wish to see it. 

Picasso's Guernica in Polaroid
Friday, March 6, 2014
Quote: "It's Spring! We are so excited that we wet our plants!" - Anon.

1. TEST - CH 21 - Part 1World War I, Great Depression, Rise of Authoritarian Dictators - Part I: pg. 977-996

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