Mr. Duez will be out on Monday, Feb. 23, 2015

I am writing tonight to let you know that I have just put in for a sub and done my sub plans. I am going to be in school before anyone arrives tomorrow to setup for the sub. The classroom should be good to go. Please, please, please help the sub. It means a great deal to me that the substitute has a good day. Remember, I always have a sub take my job because I am prepared and because my students are fantastic. It means a lot. My job filled in less than 1 hour this evening. 

In World History, you will watch an episode of Mankind The Story of Us. It is a decent video that will help you see the impact of industry, globalization, and the modern world. Take notes and the sub will collect them for a grade

The quiz for Chapter 19 will be on Tuesday. Those who need to make up the CCOT, you can do that on Wed-Thu this week in class. You'll get 30 minutes as the kids did last Friday.

As a family we are going through an incredibly difficult time. Over the past week I have held in the tears while at work (mostly), however at home they flow often and our sadness is very painful. Our wonderful dog, Gryff has a terminal form of skin cancer. 

He is beginning to really feel the pain. As a dog lover and as a friend to my dog, I will not let him struggle with what will certainly be a horribly painful end of life. So tomorrow I am taking him to the vet so that they can administer drugs to help him pass on and ease his pain.
My heart is broken in a million pieces. Many of which I will never be able to put back in place. This dog means a great deal to me. He was there for me during my toughest days. Saying goodbye to him is tearing me apart.

So please understand and be patient with me. He is really my best friend. I do not know what I am going to do without him in my life. He has a kinder heart than most of the humans I have ever met in this life. I have had to deal with this type of situation before. Most recently, last month with our 21-year old cat, Milo. But I have never felt this amount of pain, sadness, and horrible emotion for a pet passing. He is only 6 years-old. Gryff is truly a second son to me. And always will be.
The image above is on the back wall under the clock in our classroom