An Open Letter to my students: "Use this website."

A note to my current Atascocita High School students, "Use this website."

Lots of teachers and students write me and thank me for keeping this website up, free, and open. Others have used it as a valuable resource for 4+ years now. So, what a shame it would be, if you were in my class and failed to use the opportunity as so many others have for so long. 

This is just one example from a teacher in Korea that is teaching AP World History:

I am not writing this to brag or pound my chest. As much work as I have put into this site, it needs more attention to be truly great. This year there will be some nice new tweaks that I am planning that will make the site easier to use. So, why am I writing this? It is to be sure that you are taking full advantage of the opportunity. 

Anyone can succeed in this class, if they just put the time and effort into it. I know everyone says that. But, truly I have seen that happen in the past with students and I know you can grow and improve, just like others have before you.
Since school began, there has been a certain ebb and flow as the week progresses this year.
639 page views today - that is at 8:09 am in the morning here in Texas. 
Six Glasses has been a big part of our course and it has helped students get off to a great start in history.
All-time stats, which is over 4 years, Summer Reading, Strayer, & especially "Notes" are quite popular.
Kind of crazy that 665 people in Nepal have visited. Wow.