Important Announcement - Sent in Email

Here is an important announcement. I sent it in email, but wanted to make sure everyone was alerted to it:

The AP Test is on May 17th. It is going to be here before we know it. Because of the crunch,I have decided to push our quiz up to tomorrow's class for Chapter 23 and 24.The test will be this Friday, Good Friday.  But, Good News -- you don't have to come to school to take it! I will be creating an online test site where you can take the test from any internet connected device (even your phone). You will have until 12 midnight Friday to complete the online test for Chapter 23 and 24. 
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I know this might be a problem for some people, but I have looked at today's weather and it is going to be rainy all day long. Plus, I am copying in some links that will help you below. Each of these videos and websites will give you a great hint into the kind of information that will be on the quiz tomorrow and test on Friday. I figured that watching these videos might help you speed up the learning process.

Again, I wanted to tell each of you just how proud of you that I am. It has been a tough year, but it has been a great one. And just think, after the Chapter 23 and 24 test... we are FINISHED with Strayer! What an accomplishment. 

This video may not seem to be a part of Chapter 23 or 24, but it will help you email and text much quicker. It is so worth you watching and learning this new "Tap Technology."

Also, this is totally AWESOME. You can now order Youtube on DVD. They will make deliveries weekly to your home. Now those of you without internet access (who aren't reading this by the way) will be able to enjoy all of those history documentaries that I send to you in emails (which you can't read if you don't have internet):

This shows the importance of understanding culture around the world. 

And, if you are still confused... do you realize what day it is? Yep, 
"Happy April Fool's Day!"
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Mr. David Duez
"Don't Forget To Be Awesome." - DFTBA