Waco MS Walk & a wonderful former student

Valonia Walker is a former AVID tutor and World History student of mine. She attends Baylor right now. Valonia is a very special person who has a huge heart, and great determination.

A few years ago I danced at half time with Valonia during the father-daughter Patriette dance. Her father could not dance because he has Multiple Sclerosis. Sadly, it is ironic that just a few years later I was diagnosed with MS myself. Being asked to fill in for her dad was a special moment for me and I appreciated being asked greatly. (Although I am not sure those in attendance could appreciate my lack of dance ability.)

Today as I look back on it, I realize just how difficult Valonia must have had it during high school having to deal with a family member who is afflicted with this terrible disease. I sometimes wonder if someone may have to fill in for my son Aidan at certain events in his life.

With that in mind, I am asking that you to consider donating to Valonia's MS Walk that they are having in Waco. Ever dollar counts and goes towards raising money for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.
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The website is: 2011 Walk MS: Waco presented by Subway TEAM: T's Walker's

I understand that we are living in tough economic times and I am not asking for much. Every little bit helps to add up to help her reach her walk goal and to help find a cure for MS.